Letter to Islamic Extremists

Dear Islamic extremists,

I admire your tenacity and your resolve. I love your enthusiasm for the things that you believe. I completely understand where you are coming from and respect your freedom to make your own choices. This does not however mean that your choices help your cause. Do you truly believe in your prophet? If the answer is yes, consider this. Your prophet admired Jesus. There are over 7 direct references to his kindness, understanding and even miracles in your holy book. Do you think that a man who admired these qualities in Jesus would also admire such brutality? This is against what you claim to believe, and I have thus changed your category from” Islamic Extremists” to “Islamic Desecrators”.

If you want to be extreme, actually follow your prophet and understand why he admired Jesus. Otherwise all you really accomplish is the desecration of what your people have stood up for all of this time. To use an old saying… “you catch more flies with honey”.

With Love,

So I went to McDonald’s (monday)…had a burger, went to work, felt like I was going to die. Left work, got home and threw up for 12 hours. (Tuesday) Was rushed to the hospital. (Wednesday) they ran tests. They found that my gall bladder was so impacted with stones that it was infecting my pancreas. (Thursday) nothing happened besides dying from agonizing pain that began on Monday. (Friday) scheduled for surgery at 9AM, get down, got prepped and they made a mistake.. waited 2 hours to be wheeled up. (I hadn’t eaten or had a sip of water since monday). They rescheduled me for 9pm friday. I get prepped go down, they made yet another mistake and I waited 3 hours to be wheeled back to my room. I made my nurse feel bad and she actually cried next to me. She called the doctor and was very harsh with him. I got in at 8AM on saturday for the operation. They removed my gall bladder… “oh its painless, small incisions” they said… no, it hurts and still does. They were giving me stuff 17x stronger than morphine and it was lasting 10 minutes. They didnt know what to do with my med tolerance. Anyways, im back home now, alone…watching tv. Im in pain, im lonely, but I have Bravely Default for 3DS… so life is good. I hope I recover soon and can get into a healthier lifestyle that I’ll be able to maintain. This was a painful experience to go through all alone but I feel stronger having taken initiative and just done it. Never underestimate yourself and dont ever be afraid to take a stand for your own health no matter the cost. Im heavily in debt, but im alive. Thats more important I think. I love you guys. Stay positive, focused and always be the best version of yourself available. Muah!!